TOPS Parents Roundtable

A nice discussion was held in the cozy library of MGCI among a panel and around 60 eager TOPS parents. The panel was comprised of the representatives of some of the hottest careers in our society: A trained Ph.D in law, professor from the famous Osgoode Law School and Lawyer in practise, a trained medical doctor and senior executive of healthcare organization, a veteran Ph.D  and senior engineer in nuclear power generation enterprise, and a trained MBA and successful business owner. Each of them shared their inspirational insights and eye-opening experiences in the fields of law, medicine, engineering, and business administration, and each of them shared their observation on characters and qualities attribute to a successful career in each of their field. They also shared their experience in raising their kids and their parenting philosophy, which were very thought-provoking!

Some highlights of the discussion and saying on career experience:

To be a good lawyer, you must enjoy solving other people’s problems! You must be open-minded to see the perspective from the other side of the table to be able to make a good case. You must be able to accept failure because you cannot always win.

Medicine is a respectful profession with high pressure, high workload, and comparative high revenue. People will need to work very hard and enjoy hardworking. People will need to have a passion in caring of other people and be able to cope with pressures. Physicians/surgeons will need to look after themselves well in order to take good care of others.

To be a good engineer you must be willing to get to the site where things are happening and be able grasp the true facts, and you must be able to ask the right question and formulate the right problem statement. You need to be able to articulate, to turn complex problem into a language that everyone can understand.

To make your business successful, you need to create an environment (with rules of game) that everyone is able to and  willingly to do their best, to flourish and succeed.

On parenting:

The job of parents is to make sure your kids can live well without you!

My parenting style is like a Train-Rail-Builder, to build tracks your children can follow, grow, and flourish with their own freedom, and in the meantime not to de-rail themselves.

There is no magic wand in parenting because every kid is different. You need to customize your parenting to suit to your kid.

You need to allow your kids to learn through their own mistakes, and mistakes are the best way of learning. You need to let them make choice and take the responsibility for the consequences.

A good parenting style is to set a model of behaviour because children model their parents!

A responsibility of parents is to build trust to your children, thus to develop self-confidence in them.

In a short summary, it was a nice thought-stimulating discussion thanks to everyone’s active participation. All of the panellists have one or more TOPS kids, all of them have a strong believe in the education that the TOPS program offers, otherwise, they won’t send their kids to the TOPS program. From their experience, TOPS program provides an environment with lots of meaningful challenges to prepare young adults to be successful in colleges and professional career, a chance to fail, sometimes miserably, to tough up their mindset, and a close-knitted friendly safety net and team-work to support each other to thrive and succeed together. We thank them for contributing their experience from their professional careers and sharing their insights in raising fantastic TOPS kids. Their efforts indeed enriched our TOPS community!

A little side note, the nice lady Ms Ricky Goldenberg, school principal of MGCI, accompanied the discussion the entire evening. She truly treats the school and the TPG as her true family. We thank her for her dedication, passion, and support!

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